Enhanced lending decisions to help brokers fund SMEs faster

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What is Praeview?

Praeview (pronounced preview) is the first platform to combine specialist finance risk expertise with the power of data driven decision-making technology.

Developed exclusively with Praetura Group’s five lending businesses using over 25 years of SME lending data and operational know-how.

More than a finance platform

More informed and faster decision-making at scale with end-to-end support on risk.

Sourcing and integrating information with partners and institutions to give a clear view of lifetime value.

Praeview correlates economic, industry and business-specific trends against the lending portfolio, offering custom reports and live updates to improve proactive management.

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Custom API Integration

Praeview integrates with your system and our partners

Accelerating the loan application process and improving the lending experience through seamless integration with APIs for origination platforms, technical partners and banking institutions

  • Connecting with partners to give complete application oversight
  • Accessing multiple data sources in real time
  • Quick and easy loan application submissions with indicative risk decision while you wait

Risk Assessment At Origination

Praeview informs decision makers by helping them to understand credit risks

Streamlining the financing applications assessment process by automatically generating detailed risk profiles that accurately reflect creditworthiness of an SME.

  • Combining information provided by applicants with the real-time data from industry best-practice sources and owned sources
  • Comparing multiple sources to complete the credit risk picture to reduce error or bias from a misleading single source
  • Data is enriched and refined by our proprietary algorithms leveraging over 10 years’ experience in risk data utilisation in risk assessment & management

Proprietary Risk Scoring And Assessment

Praeview assesses lending applications with a unique risk score to support risk experts

  • Custom-built risk algorithms evaluating the likelihood of default and expected loss
  • Informing lending decisions to help determine terms and rates
  • Correlating to economic conditions, sector performance and asset class to risk potential
  • Assessing each business to match their needs to our lending products
  • Running compliance and risk policy checks automatically
  • Modelling the impact of the lending portfolio in real-time before agreement

Active Portfolio Management

Praeview offers intuitive reporting and proactive portfolio management

Identify current risk events and spot emerging trends in real time

  • Tracking owned and external data sources such as UK business default and personal bankruptcy trends by sector and location
  • Dynamic risk relationship network built in-house to blend credit expertise with significant data sets
  • Assess suppliers, customers, profitability, ownership and key relationships
  • Bespoke reports, visualizations and targeted alerts to support human-monitoring.

Driving lending efficiency for risk professionals and increasing profitability through more informed decisions.

Want to see Praeview in action?

Speak to the Praetura Team on praeview@praetura.co.uk